My Art Tools

If I included all of the art materials I use and enjoy, this would be a long list indeed. So instead I’m going to share only my very favourite tools, the ones I use every single day!

(There’s one exception: I’m leaving my watercolors off this this page, since there are so many lovely brands of paint and brushes that I don’t wish to show favouritism! 😛 Besides, choosing paints and brushes can be quite an individual process, which is why I’ve created an online class about watercolor materials!)

For other art materials I use, please see my art materials review section on the blog. 🙂


My Favourite Tools for Making Digital Artdigital-studio.png

Clip Studio Paint Pro has been indispensable to me since I got it. As a graphic designer, I’ve used all of the major Adobe products, including Photoshop. But there are a number of features that make CSP a superior program for artists (especially those of us making comics)!

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium This is an excellent tablet that should serve you for a good long while. It was the first tablet I ever owned, and I’ve never needed to upgrade. It works just as well on Mac as PC, and I’ve used it on both over the years. Any issue I’ve ever had with it has been resolved by making sure the drivers are installed and up to date.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ + Apple Pencil I cannot bring my large and decidedly stationary workhorse computer with me when travelling, but the iPad Pro has given me a way to create digital art without it! In addition to the iOS Clip Studio App, I also use the Procreate App. See my full review of both apps and the Apple Pencil on my blog.


My Favourite Tools for Inking

inking-toolsPilot Neox 0.7 Soft Blue Lead When I do traditional pen and ink cartooning, I prefer to use colored pencil lead instead of graphite, because it doesn’t smear as much and is easier to erase. My favourite color to use is Soft Blue, which is also called non-photo blue because it doesn’t show up when scanned.

DelGuard 0.7 Mechanical Pencil These pencils are supposed to prevent lead breakage, and so far I haven’t broken any lead while using them!

Kuretake No. 13 Brush Pen This fountain brush pen has a synthetic hair tip, like a real inking brush, which holds up much better than felt tips. It’s a delight to use! I also like that you can replace the cartridges with a converter if you want to use a different kind or color of ink in it.

Sakura + Kneaded Erasers High quality erasers make drawing so much easier!